Main points to now about SEO for beginners

SEO has been a new trend in the internet world. All business and individual wants to have a print of their step on the internet. The best way to do that is SEOs and this is no secret to anyone especially if you are reading this article. Here are some basic things that the SEO does to avoid any misunderstanding that you may have build till now. You can contact a company that is good at SEO Singapore.

Keyword Optimisation

Key optimization means to effectively and intelligently use keywords or specific words. The keywords should be such that would define your business correctly or in some way effectively use it to define your business. in addition to that, you have to make sure that the same keywords are being used by the audience in their searches. These are the keywords that search engines match in order to give you the right kind of output to users. Google also tries to get the semantic meaning of the word and then display results according to it.

Site’s structure

The site structure also played a very important role in getting your website optimized. The structure is very crucial as to where your files are located through linking. You need to have your site look optimized and clean.

The irregular structure can also make your site look load slowly which would provide bad user experience and hence google also looks for a site that would load fast and hence better structure of the site is very important.

Mobile optimization

Mobile internet users over the year have increased significantly. In such a situation it would be insane to not take about it. mobile optimization and website optimize are two different things. One has to invest an equal amount of time to make the website optimized for mobile as well.

Your website needs to be mobile responsive to all kinds of sizes and resolutions. Google has indexed mobile-first than a website so a non-responsive website while be indexed lower than a website whereas a responsive website will always be ranked higher than a desktop site.

Mobile SEO will help to find if your website has been created correctly to provide the users with the right experience. Hence one should be focused on target mobile sites rather than creating sites responsive for the sake of creating it.

Site errors

It is not possible to completely eradicated site errors. However, the fact that site errors do reduce the user experience cannot be denied as a lot of features that could give access to an outstanding website can be ignored by the web browser. Hence one should always try to give the error level as low as possible so as to make sure that the google could not trace you down in the SEO listing.

Some site errors like bad redirects, copied pages, silly grammatical mistakes could be eradicated by early to have a good listing in indexes of google.


These are a few but most important things that the SEO can help you with. With all of these, you can have targeted viewers and good google ranking.