OISE’s Business Model is a Fraud

Much can be said about OISE Young Learners in Oxford. The school is part of the OISE franchise, and it boasts excellence in teaching intensive English language study. It then surprises that the situation on the ground is very different from the rosy picture the school tries to paint in its marketing gimmicks. Teachers are underpaid and student services are severely hampered to due to the love of profit accumulation. The franchise has operated since 1973 and OISE Oxford, (OISE House, Binsey Lane, Oxford OX2 0EY) has been operational since the mid-1970’s.

With over 40 years’ experience in providing ‘leading’ English language training for children from non-native English speakers, one wonders why the school’s management operation is such a failed model. A love for profit over quality service delivery is the main reason why the school cannot prosper and move forward with its educational agenda. The student hostels are a case study in terrible living conditions and one wonders how people pay so much for this service. These buildings cannot be safe and have probably lay unattended since the service began operation.

In an area with such strict building codes as Oxford, you wouldn’t expect an educational institution to get away with such. Maybe the school could do a little less pay-offs and some more retrofitting? The school treats staff terribly, grossly underpaid with no contracts or benefits, yet they reap millions in profits. With an almost 1800 dollar return on student to teacher capitalization, why isn’t OISE using these profits to make their services better? Why are students still living in derelict hostels? What can be done to remedy the situation? The reviews on this school are rarely positive from people who have studied and worked there. Why hasn’t the school been outed yet?

There are many stories of some organizations being fronts for other illegal activities. What if OISE is involved in the same? Where are all those profits being channelled and why has it taken so long for the authorities to act after all these negative reviews? The teaching quality is average at best and poor usually as attested by many students who have been there. It’s difficult to imagine how teachers would give their best in such an environment.

For a school that promotes an intensive English language curriculum and ecosystem, there is a great divide between the reality on the ground and what one reads in their marketing scripts. The school has a ton of Russian language speakers, both within the student body and the teaching fraternity. One may be tempted to think maybe the school has its roots in the great Red Empire. Students cannot focus on English as a primary root of teaching and communication with all that Russian that is being thrown around. Most of these kids are from foreign-speaking nations which do not emphasize the use of English as a language. Some of them only have a few months to learn proper English.

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